Many people often refer to physicians and other practitioners as “healers,” but the truth is the body knows how to heal itself. However, sometimes the body needs a little help with this healing process. That’s why Resilient Medical Services is proud to offer regenerative medicine for patients in the Memphis, TN area who are struggling with chronic pain or acute injuries.

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Understanding Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine focuses on helping the body’s natural repair and healing system in the hopes of regenerating damaged tissues or organs by stimulating the body’s own repair system. It refers to a group of biomedical approaches and clinical therapies to accomplish this stimulation anywhere from cell therapy, immunomodulation therapy, and even tissue engineering.

Regenerative medicine can assist in the healing process by releasing growth factors, proteins, and other important properties required for proper functioning back into the damaged tissue.

Helping You Feel and Function Better

Regenerative medicine isn’t magic, it takes time for the tissues to repair and rebuild. More severe injuries or conditions may require additional or alternative treatment methods.

Regenerative medicine has proven to be a great success in the treatment of mild to moderate soft tissue strains, sprains, and tears sustained either in an acute accident or as a result of chronic repetitive stress. It can also offer pain relief for patients who may struggle with arthritis, making it a great alternative to a reliance on the constant use of pain relief medication.

The side effects of regenerative medicine are rare and consist of brief flu-like symptoms.

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