When dealing with chronic pain, most people might not consider that their diet could be aggravating/exacerbating these issues, but the reality is that diet can be a great influence in pain management. In today’s blog, Resilient Medical Services wants to provide more information about this topic and help you deal with your chronic pain. Reach out to our team today to learn more or to schedule a consultation!

Chronic Pain and Diet - Infographic

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Inflammatory Foods

One of the main issues that we see with certain foods and people’s chronic pain conditions is that certain foods can be inflammatory. You could have a mild allergic reaction to certain foods and have not realize it, or the food itself has a natural inflammatory response in your body (red and processed meats can often affect joints, the same can be said for dairy products). Whatever the case, when you take these foods or supplements out of your diet, you can see a decrease in chronic inflammation or pain.


Food that Can Assist You

We’ve heard of main diets and supplements that can help you with certain pain and inflammation. Such is the case with curcuminoids in turmeric which have been shown to reduce joint inflammation. Another example could be collagen and its ability to improve elasticity and help your body with bone density.

Diet and Allergic Reactions

As mentioned before, allergic reactions can be the problem that’s been causing chronic pain. While defining which foods or supplements are causing these issues, it’s important that you take the time to understand and start cutting back on the possible foods that might create these adverse reactions in your body. The process of food elimination from your diet can be lengthy and exhausting, but you’ll feel a lot better once you are able to figure out, and stop eating, the foods that have been affecting you!

Complement Your Exercises with an Optimal Diet

Having a healthy and varied diet is going to be a great place to start for most people. Considering your limitations and preferences can give you something that you can enjoy while helping you stay on it without feeling like you are being punished or constrained.

Let Our Team Help You Deal with Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain can be defeating and it might feel like you don’t have the mindset to do anything else but to suffer the condition. At Resilient Medical Services, we want you to feel great and healthy. Our team is prepared to create a plan to deal with your chronic pain and start your journey to recovery. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!


The main goal of our team is to help coach you to better health. By showing you that you are in control of your pain and you do have the ability to change it.

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